Trainers Pool

NeuroPedia’s Trainers’ Pool – NPTP

NeuroPedia’s Trainers’ Pool – NPTP

NeuroPedia’s Trainers’ Pool – NPTP


 Unveiling NPTP 2024: Elevate Your Medical Research Journey! 

 Dear NeuroPedia Visionaries,

🌟 Exciting News! NeuroPedia’s Trainers Pool (NPTP) for 2024 is almost OPEN, offering an exclusive space for medical research enthusiasts.


Join the Movement:

🧠 Dive into our dynamic NPTP Annual Recruitment, fostering a community committed to skill and knowledge transfer in the dynamic field of medical research.


NPTP Highlights:

 🌍 Global Vision: Collaborate on groundbreaking medical research globally.

📅 Initiation & Activation: Jan 1 – June 30, 2024.

🚀 Recruitment: Join the dynamic NPTP Annual Recruitment for peer education and growth.



🏆 Skill Mastery: Elevate your research skills and educate your peers.

🌐 Elite Networking: Connect with global medical research trailblazers.

🎖️ Recognition: Enrich NeuroPedia’s legacy with your unique perspective.


How to Join:

🌟 Follow the LINK for instructions:


Stay tuned for the TNNT participants call!

Shape the future of medical research at NeuroPedia.

🌟 Warm regards,

Welcome to Neuro World

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