International Ambassador Application is the leading online global website for medical students, neurosurgeons, neurologists, and neuroscientists, offering the latest Neuro related reviewed Articles , written by Medical Students and published over and shared over the all Social Media Platforms .

We are seeking highly motivated Medical Students ,Interns, General Practitioners, Residents who are eager be international ambassadors for, to share and answer questions about goals and vision, and to improve communication with medical students depending on the local need.

Neuropedia Ambassador will be the international officer for Neuropedia and will serve multiple roles:
  1. Introduce for the medical students 
  2. Announce regarding calling for organizers and contributors 
  3. Guide working outflow between contributors and organizers 
  4. Lead Neuropedia Campaigns 
  5. Facilitate the process of learning and writing
Selection will be based on specified standards and previous experience .
for any further information or requirements please contact us : 

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